Looking for work experience in sports management?

The Cotton Kings are offering a number of internships designed to allow anyone looking to bolster their resume with hands-on experience in the sports management field. 

Please contact us at (480) 452-3876 or for more information.

2012 Casa Grande Cotton Kings Internships:

Social Media Manager

This person will serve as administrator and be in charge of managing the team’s social media presence in Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter. The social media manager will post updates, links to box scores and write-ups in Game Changer, and conduct weekly interviews with former Cotton Kings in the “where are they now?” segment. They will poll users by creating surveys to gather feedback on how the organization can improve.


This person will attend all games entering play-by-play stats in Game Changer. They will also run ad hoc reports, using Game Changer, to provide the coaching staff with detailed analysis of trends and opportunities for development. They must email box scores to Ed Petruska of the Casa Grande Dispatch to be published in the sports page. Additionally, the Statistician will enter scorebooks from past seasons to bring all Cotton Kings game statistics current.

Web developer/Site Admin

This person will develop the architecture of the site to ensure all content is presented in a clear, concise manner that is accessible to multiple forms of media. They will develop dynamic content that enables video, ‘swifs’, and form data. This individual will be responsible for the creation of the online store to collect payment for photos, player fees, merchandise, and sponsorship. They will create compatibility between the team site, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Game Changer, Smug Mug, and PayPal.

Graphic Designer

This person will create various graphics for web and print. The graphics for web use will include web banners and logos. The graphics for print include all stationary, possible custom lineup cards and scorebooks, business cards, marketing materials, and the official program.


This person will attend all games taking action photographs of game play and uploading them to the team’s SmugMug account for sale. They will also take the annual team photo. They have the option of using their own equipment or the team camera(s).